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At the June meeting of the Presbytery of New York City, the Presbytery voted in favor of recognizing Cross Street Community of NYC as a New Worship Community.  Cross Street Community, located in Ridgewood, NY (Queens) will focus its ministry toward youth and LGBTQIA+ Youth who are experencing homelessness: physically or spiritually.


The ministry is currently nesting with Ridgewood Presbyterian Church during its season of formation.  "We look forward to meeting the community of Ridgewood" says Dan DeBrucker-Cota, the Organizer of Cross Street Community. 

"We are very much in the planning phases of this ministry, and find that it is very importatnt to hear from all members of the community, not just those we are ministering to" Said DeBrucker-Cota.  Cross Street Community is an idea that DeBrucker-Cota was called to form while studying Church Planting and Revitalization at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  DeBrucker-Cota says that his experience with nearly three-decades of working with the homeless community, and the church.