General Fund This designation will help support the general ministry and day-to-day operatiions of Cross Street Community of NYC.  This includes worship, programs, space rental and all the stuff that goes along with that. 

Emergency Needs Fund This designation will allow us at Cross Street Community of NYC to provide emergency needs items for the community.  Some of these items may include MTA passes, Basic food and personal items.

Community Mission Fund Cross Street Community of NYC believes in empowering out community.  Through gifts designated to the mission fund, we can help community members live into their dreams.  We also support other ministries in the local community who do similar work to Cross Street Community.

Sanctuary (Hospitality Program) Cross Street Community is preparing to operate a 19-bed facility for LGBTQIA+ houseless youth and young adults.  This program is currently in the planning stage, however, we are seeking funds to secure a space (approximately 3,500 sq ft), architects and all the necessary legal junk that goes along with this program.   Our current goal is to raise $100,000 prior to opening the facility.  This will allow us to secure a space, make the necessary renovations, permits, and purchase furniture and supplies.  This is not our operating budget, but seed funds to move the process along.   Sanctuary will not be seeking federal, state, and/or city funding for this program, as we really do not want to be told who, and how long a person may stay with us.

If you are interested in contributing to Sanctuary, as a major gift donor, please visit our Major Gift page for more information.